Volvo Penta D4 Series Service Kit, Part Number 21704968


Contains the oil filter and fuel filter, crankcase breather filter and air filter as well as the impeller and all necessary gaskets

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Volvo Penta Service kit for Diesel Engines D4-D6 (-MY2019)

This service kit contains the following genuine Volvo Penta parts: fuel filter, oil filter, crankcase breather filter and air filter as well as the impeller and all necessary gaskets.

Please note that to fully service your diesel engine, you may, dependant on the engine & history, need additional parts:

  • air filter
  • primary-filter
  • belts
  • engine oil
  • engine anode and
  • coolant.

If you are unsure as to the complete service parts list required for your particular engine, please call us first on 01 236 0835 or email 24/7 [email protected].

For your reference this Volvo Penta Service Kit contains one of each of the following part numbers:

  • 21718912 Fuel Filter
  • 22030848 Oil Filter
  • 22030852 Oil Filter
  • 3588475 Impeller
  • 21702999 Air Filter
  • 3584145 Crank Case Breather

 Add Oil seperately: Volvo Penta VDS4.5 – not supplied in this kit.
Volvo Penta D4 capacity required – 12L. Can be ordered: 20 litres Part no: 17488420
Compressor oil capacity is approximately 0.1 Litres

Add Coolant seperately: Coolant capacity required-  16 litres. This will be either Vovo Penta Coolant green (Available ready pour 5L: 22567233) or Volvo Penta Coolant VCS yellow (Available ready pour 5L: 22567314) Do not mix green & yellow coolant under any circumstances! They will gellify.

If you’re unsure about any parts required, please contact us.

Weight incl. packaging 3.16 kg

Service Kit for Volvo Penta Diesel engines D4- D6 (-MY2019) Part No: 21704968: D4-180i-B, D4-180I-C, D4-180i-D, D4-180I-E, D4-210A-A, D4-210A-B, D4-210i-A, D4-210i-B, D4-225A-B, D4-225A-C, D4-225A-D, D4-225A-E, D4-225i-B, D4-225I-C, D4-225i-D, D4-225I-E, D4-260D-B, D4-260D-C, D4-260D-D, D4-260D-E, D4-260A-A, D4-260A-B, D4-260A-C, D4-260A-D, D4-260A-E, D4-260i-A, D4-260i-B, D4-260I-C, D4-260i-D, D4-260I-E, D4-300A-A, D4-300A-C, D4-300A-D, D4-300A-E, D4-300D-A, D4-300D-C, D4-300D-D, D4-300D-E, D4-300I-A, D4-300I-C, D4-300I-D, D4-300I-E


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