This is a common query we get from customers:

Why buy genuine marine parts when I can buy spurious parts in the local motor factors?

The majority of our genuine parts come from Volvo Penta or BRP, two of the best companies in the industry for investing in their own Research & Development. Here are few reasons why you should always buy genuine:

  • Maximum safety, performance and reliability- designed for that exact engine in Marine (not car) use
  • Exact tolerance and right specifications
  • All components work together correctly
  • Maintain optimal fuel efficiency
  • Maintain Service Records- we update your Online Service Protocol (Volvo Penta) along with every other global dealer so when you go to sell your boat, the full service history is there
  • Updated to the latest technical specifications- we update your engines software to latest available!
  • Perfect fit for quicker service and reliable functionality- have you ever had a belt that was too thin or a starter that didn’t start, caused more ignition problems in the 12 months after fitting?? Not a genuine parts!
  • You don’t have to make genuine parts fit, they were built for your engine.
  • Spurious parts void warranty
  • We’re here in Dún Laoghaire and have engineers in most marinas in Dublin each week- we can deliver to your boat!
  • Covered by the Volvo Penta 12-month standard warranty, or 24 months when fitted by POD Marine as an authorized Volvo Penta dealer
  • When fitting parts (service), we check your serial number for live warranty campaigns ensuring your engines stays compliant- at no additional cost to you
  • Buy Genuine, don’t gamble on your engines reliability!

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