Volvo Penta VDS-4.5 Engine Oil 20L- 17488420

Volvo Penta Engine Oil VDS-4.5 is our recommended choice for larger Volvo Penta engines. Volvo Penta engine oil is designed specifically for modern use. The oil is upgraded from time to time to take new information into account, ensuring that your engine is kept in top condition.


Volvo Penta VDS-4.5 Engine Oil 20L- 17488420


Volvo Penta Engine Oil VDS-4.5 is our recommended choice for larger Volvo Penta engines. Volvo Penta engine oil is designed specifically for modern use. The oil is upgraded from time to time to take new information into account, ensuring that your engine is kept in top condition.



  1. Volvo Drain Specification (VDS)
    VDS places additional demands upon the engine oil specifications and is based on field tests performed by Volvo Trucks.
    NOTICE! It applies for Volvo Penta engines as well. POD Marine.
    Low-emission engines place extremely high demands on engine oils and Volvo has developed the earlier requirement specifications VDS and VDS-2 to adapt them to Euro 3 engines, VDS-3.

• VDS was first introduced in 1982, and has been successively developed to adapt to
current engine design.
• VDS-2 was introduced in 1992 and revised 1995.
• VDS-3 was introduced in 2000 and revised 2002.
The most important test parameters during field tests are piston deposits and cylinder glazing, although even other parameters such as piston ring and bearing wear, engine cleanliness and oil degradation are also examined.
VDS — Field test performed on a F12 trucks (TD121–, TD122–engines) with oil change intervals of 50,000 km.
The lowest oil grade used was API CD. Since the introduction of VDS-3 (2000), no new VDS approvals are given. Older VDS oils still exist in the market, however.
VDS-2 — Field test performed primarily on a F12 trucks (D12A engines) with oil change intervals of 60,000 km, and lowest oil grade ACEA E3 or API CG-4. Since the introduction of VDS-3 (2000), approval for VDS-2 is obtained via the VDS-3 test, see below.
VDS-3 — Field test performed on a FH12 trucks (D12C or D12D engines) with oil change intervals of 75,000 or
100,000 km depending on total rolling weight. Lowest oil grade is ACEA E5 or API CH-4. Approval for both VDS-3 and VDS-2 can be received through the VDS-3 tests.
VDS-4 — VDS-4 is the first VDS specification that is not based on field test. It was decided to abandon field tests since these are time consuming (2-3 years) and do often provide inconclusive results. VDS-4 is now built on API CJ-4 but with additional requirements adapted to suit the particular needs of Volvo Powertrain engines. VDS-4 oils are particularly intended for EGR engines equipped with diesel particulate filters and/or SCR systems but can also be used in all other engines. The full requirements are described in Volvo Corporate Standard 417-0001.

If you haven’t made the move to Volvo VDS-4.5 Engine Oil yet, there’s no better time than the present. Not only is this leading-edge oil – first introduced in 2016 – Volvo Pentas factory fill, but it’s also growing in popularity throughout the aftermarket. Here are a few reasons why:

Compared to older American Petroleum Institute (API) CJ-4 engine oils, Volvo VDS-4.5 delivers:

  • 20 percent better wear protection
  • 50 percent higher oxidation resistance
  • 80 percent better high-temperature viscosity control

But that’s not all. Volvo VDS-4.5 also offers significantly longer drain intervals than other API CK-4 heavy-duty engine oils – up to 60,000 miles depending on engine, application and idle time. That’s a 20 percent increase for all Volvo engines model year 2011 and newer, which translates to four to 16 fewer oil changes over the lifetime of a truck.

Still not convinced that Volvo VDS-4.5 Engine Oil is the right choice for your fleet? Here are four more reasons why you should switch today.

  • Volvo VDS-4.5 features proprietary additive technology that is specially formulated to ensure optimal performance for all Volvo engines.
  • Volvo VDS-4.5 is backward compatible, which means it can be introduced as a direct replacement wherever VDS-4.0 or API CJ-4 oils are used.
  • Volvo VDS-4.5 meets or exceeds the requirements of all other North American on-highway, diesel engine manufacturers.
  • Volvo VDS-4.5 has been proven to outperform all other API CK-4 engine oils available on the market today.

In addition to its superior oxidation stability, which supports cost-saving extended drain intervals, Volvo VDS-4.5 also provides excellent anti-wear protection to maintain engine durability and potentially extended engine life; outstanding soot and viscosity control at all temperatures; and superb sludge and deposit control for long-lasting piston, valve train and oil pan cleanliness and heat transfer.

NOTICE! Oil change intervals for an engine are dependant on Oil Quality, Fuel Quality, Engine Type and Application. Volvo Penta recommendations are based on quality designations VDS, VDS-2 and VDS-3.
The oil change intervals above apply only to the VDS, VDS-2 and VDS-3 field tests.
Maintenance should always be carried out in accordance with service schedule/ service protocol.

Volvo Drain Specification (VDS) for VDS-3 and VDS-4 oil.
VDS defines the Volvo Group requirements on engine oil specifications to ensure protection against e.g. cylinder-polishing, ring wear, camshaft/ valve train wear, high oil consumption. The VDS Standards defines the usage of engine oil in Volvo Penta engines requiring VDS approved oils as defined in the operator’s manual. Engine oils fulfilling the VDS standards stated in the operator’s manual, with respect to quality and
viscosity can be utilized in the engine with no impact on warranty.
Volvo Penta only assumes responsibility for the performance of chemicals used in our applications that have passed our tests and approvals. Suppliers stating they fulfill the VDS- 3 and/or VDS-4 standards assume full responsibility to ensure this is correct and that approval has been obtained. Suppliers also assume full responsibility for performance, operating, maintenance instructions as well as compliance with legal requirements.


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