Volvo Penta- Oil Analysis


Oil is the life blood of your engine, an oil analysis gives you an insight into the inner workings of the engine.

The main function of an engine oil is to reduce friction and thereby minimise wear between the moving parts of the engine.
The oil should also absorb heat from parts that are exposed to extreme heat loads and keep the engine
components free from impurities by transporting these to the filter, from where they can be removed from the engine.
Engine oil should also assist in sealing between the cylinder wall and the piston.
Engine oil should be treated as a hazardous material. The instructions for introduction and use of such materials must be strictly adhered too.
An engine oil consists of a base oil and additives, where the base oil is either a mineral oil or a synthetic oil.
The additives comprise a DI packet (detergent-inhibitor), a viscosity modifier (VM), and so-called pour point
depressant (PPD). The DI packet comprises a combination of many components. An oil sample can give a great insight into the internal state of your engine.

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As a Volvo Penta Service Dealer, we can offer analysis of your oil to sample the internals of your engine.


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